My artistic research has always been led by one fil rouge, that is contrasts. However, I felt the need to divide it into periods. This is because each one is characterized by a different language: from the pictorial language to the three-dimensional one, from the material-related language to sculpture and stone and marble installations.

Wind Sculpture

Works dating from 2017 to 1994

My artistic activity is focused on the theme of oxymoron, present both in titles and in contents. Titles are contradictions in terms (wind sculpture, rain sculpture, puff sculpture, throwing a though at you, etc.).

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Love of life

Works dating from 1993 to 1985

Love of life.
Man-nature relationship has seen better days. Man was the centre of the universe during the Renaissance, as man was considered the most perfect creature in the cosmic harmony.

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Free interpretation of -The Raft of the Medusa- by Théodore Géricault

Works dating from 1984 to 1983

At the beginning of the 80s I became fully aware of a concept that had been just an intuition for a long time: the artistic language is too weak to have a positive impact on the growth of society.

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Works dating from 1982 to 1978

Around 1978, counter to the sparkling but alienating city life, the contents of my pictures became more intimate and offered a human level poetic...

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Mechanical pieces

Works dating from 1977 to 1975

1975 marked a great change for me. After a phase where I was searching for contents and a language that allowed me to express those contents with clarity and cohesion, I started communicating my concepts through painting.

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Altar of the Madonna Incoronata Shrine

Works on Commission artistic investigation was laic and based on the increasing reduction of the weight of my subjects, it was not too distant from the quest for spirituality and the need to go beyond the material aspect of life....

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